Updates on the Home Inspection Act, 2017

OAHI ready to work with the Province on licensing home inspectors

OAHI Murray 0416 IMG_0372Updates on the Home Inspection Act, 2017 From the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

“As you know, Bill 59, the Putting Consumers First Act (Consumer Protection Statute Law Amendment), 2017 received Royal Assent on April 13, 2017. It enacted a new statute called the Home Inspection Act, 2017. The HIA establishes a mandatory licensing regime for home inspection providers and home inspectors which would be administered by a new administrative authority (AA).

Please note that the HIA is not yet in force and would come into force on a date, or dates, set by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor.

There are a number of key steps that would need to be taken before the mandatory licensing requirements could take effect. The ministry will need to develop regulations to set out the details to support the implementation of the HIA. We will be undergoing consultations to support the development of regulations in 2017.

The ministry is unable to confirm at this time when the HIA will be proclaimed into force or when draft regulations will be available to the public. However, our intent is to work as quickly as possible to develop regulations and implement this important legislation.

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We look forward to staying in touch with you throughout this process, and please feel free to contact us at homeinspectors@ontario.ca if you have any questions or comments.”