Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Home Inspector Who is a Member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) 

1. Many OAHI member home inspectors have worked in construction trades or engineering and all OAHI members are trained to spot potential issues before they can become big problems.

2. OAHI member home inspectors are not interested in selling homes, but protecting you. Members of OAHI must abide by Professional Practice and Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

3. Home inspectors view homes with technically trained eyes and ears, not their heart for a clearer picture of deficiencies and red flags.

4. OAHI member home inspectors are required to obtain continuing education units (CEUs), and update their training regularly in various areas such as: electrical, the Ontario Building Code, plumbing, air quality, mechanical systems, roofing and solar panels, along with new tools and technologies. Their training is verified.

5. The Registered Home Inspector (RHI) designation is not purchased; it is earned.

6. Members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors must abide by the OAHI Standards of Practice.

7. OAHI member home inspectors know how to report, photograph, and communicate the positives and negatives of the home.

8. OAHI member home inspectors can advise which defects need to be addressed immediately, soon, and in the future.

9. Because OAHI member home inspectors have seen hundreds, sometimes thousands of homes, they know what to look for.

10. An OAHI member home inspector’s report on defects and potential problems can save homebuyers money, time, and grief, in the long run.