Our Tools

Cardinal Home Inspections exceeds industry standards with every inspection we do. At Cardinal Home Inspections we are committed to giving our clients as much information as possible during their decision making process. All of the tools listed are included with with every Cardinal Home Inspection. There are never any ‘extras’ or additional fees for our inspections. All of these services come standard as part of every home inspection we do – that’s the Cardinal Rule!

EXTECH Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter: Cardinal Home Inspections uses the Extech MO257 advanced moisture meter to confirm the presence of moisture in a given area.

FLIR E6 Thermal Camera

Hi-Res Infrared Thermography: Cardinal Home Inspections uses the advanced, Hi-Res FLIR E6 Infrared Camera during EVERY home inspection. Thermography helps to identify moisture problems, electrical issues, as well as the thermal efficiency of the home.  Make sure your Home Inspector includes Thermography as part of their inspection process!


Clamp-on Electrical Testing: At Cardinal Home Inspetions we use the Extech 200A Clamp Meter.   Home Inspectors can learn a great deal about several major home appliances with the Clamp-on Electrical Tester, such as:  determining if multi-stage burners for the furnace are firing properly, or if  heat pumps and air conditioner are operating as designed, and much much more.  Ask your home inspector if they use a Clamp-On Electrical Tester!


Video Boroscope: Cardinal Home Inspections uses the Milwauukee  2311-21 M- Spector AV Video Multimedia Camera to document every inspection we do!  This Hi-Res Video Boroscope often allows us to inspect inside the furnace heat exchanger, and many other hard to reach locations throughout the home. This is a critical tool, with multiple applications.  Make sure your Home Inspector documents their inspections with a Hi-Res Boroscope!

REED R9400 CO Monitor

Carbon Monoxide Testing: Cardinal Home Inspections the REED9400 gas monitor to detect and document the presence of Carbon Monoxide (CO). CO gas leaks can be extremely harmful to you and your loved ones, so Cardinal Home Inspections includes CO testing with every home inspection we do.